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Aug 2012: Resin outscales C-based web server nginx in AutoBench benchmark
Feb 2012: NetCraft survey says Resin experiencing strong growth in last year and used in number of the Million Busiest Sites.
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 Resin Server | Application Server (Java EE Certified) and Web Server

resin 4.0.34 release notes


We encourage people to report 4.0.34 bugs at

4.0.34 is primarily a bug fix release. Please see changes.xtp for a list of changes.

Gzip Filter Fix

A GZipFilter bug introduced in 4.0.33 was causing slow or incomplete page loading. Users utilizing GZipFilter should upgrade to 4.0.34.

OpenSSL honor-cipher-order

The new SSL configuration <honor-cipher-order> matches the Apache HTTPD configuration. It enforces the cipher order specified by the server, overriding the client's preferences.

    <http host='localhost' port='8443'>

<jvm-mode> and Early Raspberry Pi Support

<jmv-mode> parameter was introduced to change the JVM mode, to allow alternatives to -server. This change and other bug fixes allows Resin to run on the Raspberry Pi platform. Refer to the Resin 4 Wiki for more information on running Resin on a Raspberry Pi.

Quercus Updates

  1. quercus: wordpress-3.5.0 tested and runs on Quercus
  2. quercus: drupal-commons-6.x-2.11 tested and runs on Quercus
  3. quercus: mediawiki-1.20.2 tested and runs on Quercus
  4. quercus: phpBB3-3.0.11 tested and runs on Quercus
  5. quercus: dokuwiki-2012-10-13 tested and runs on Quercus
  6. quercus: complete support for PHP 5.4 core language features
  7. quercus: support for traits (PHP 5.4)
  8. quercus: support for short array syntax (PHP 5.4)
  9. quercus: support for function array dereferencing (PHP 5.4)
  10. quercus: support for $this use in closures (PHP 5.4)
  11. quercus: <?= short open tag is now always on (PHP 5.4)
  12. quercus: support for class member access on instantiation (PHP 5.4)
  13. quercus: support for Class::{expr}() syntax (PHP 5.4)
  14. quercus: support for binary number format: 0b001001101 (PHP 5.4)
  15. quercus: $_SERVER['REQUEST_TIME_FLOAT'] is populated (PHP 5.4)

ServletRegistration and servlet-mapping default

Added a "default" attribute to Resin's default servlet-mapping and changed the ServletRegistration behavior to override servlet-mapping defaults.

The standard behavior of ServletContext.addServlet is to ignore overrides of servlet mappings. The new "default" attribute lets applications override the Resin defaults.

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